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24 Hour Breakdown & Claims

(Refer to your motor insurance disc/cert if you don't know who you are insured with)



AIG  018044328
Allianz Breakdown Service
(comprehensive policies only)              
Allianz Claims Service 1800779999
ARB Roadside Assistance 1890253033
Aviva Emergency Breakdown Line 1800448888
Aviva Claims Centre 1890666888
Axa breakdown assist
and claims helpline
Bump (Calpe Underwriting) Breakdown (Policy Number starting BMP) 1800812228
Bump Insurance Claims 016707470
Footprint (R&Q Insurance) breakdown and claims (Policy Number starting FPP) 019089030
Kennco Roadside Assistance - policies incepted or renewed pre 01/05/18
(DAS Drive Assist)
Kennco Roadside Assistance -  policies incepted or renewed post 01/05/18 014998316
Liberty Insurance 1800706080
R&Q Insurance Malta breakdown and claims (Policy Number starting FPP 019089030
Patrona (Alwyn Insurance) 1800806800
RSA Roadside Assistance 018328358
RSA Motor Claims Assist 1890924228
Sertus Breakdown Assistance 1800417270
Willis (AXA) 1890247365
Wrightway (Zurich Insurance) 1890208408
Zurich Breakdown Assist (comprehensive policies only) 1890208408
Zurich Claims Line 1890208408


Windscreen Claims



AIG AutoGlass              1850363636
ASGARD AutoGlass           1890247365
ALLIANZ AutoGlass             1850363636
ARB All Glass         1890201212
AVIVA AutoGlass 1850363636
AXA Windscreen Claims  1890247365
BUMP Mr. Windscreen      1890512345
FOOTPRINT Mr. Windscreen           1890512345
KENNCO AllGlass                1890201212
LIBERTY Liberty Glassline 1890944410
PATRONA AllGlass                1890201212
RSA Autoglass  1850363636
SERTUS Autoglass              1850363636
WRIGHTWAY AllGlass          1890201212
ZURICH AllGlass                 1890201212


Commercial Claims

In the event of a commercial claim, please contact your policy handler. Click here for a list of contact details.

Travel Claims

In the event of a travel insurance claim on an AIG travel insurance policy, please phone 016619133 or see Travel Claim Section when you click here

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